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Empowering Moms & Dads.

with Awesome Parenting Skills


The Building Blocks of Humanity

Do Your kids have the communication skills they need to succeed in life beyond school?

This free 3 part video training shows you how to speak in a way that your kids love to listen to you and how to listen in a way that your kids love to talk to you. Plus Take the What’s Your Natural Parenting Style Quiz to discover your unique strengths as a Parent, get our Parent Cheat Sheets and more.

About Me

Lisa Fournier, born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Mother of 8, Parenting Consultant, Body Code Practitioner, Kinesiologist, Writer, Inspirational Speaker.

Why I do what I do

My Mission

Two things I didn’t know.  How much energy it takes.  How fast it flies by.  These realizations created my mission, to reach moms all over the world and to broadcast: Fill yourself up with whatever it takes to give you that energy to really invest in your kids.  Be mindful of every moment because the clock is ticking, time flies.  Use your time wisely.

Pocketful of Miracles: a parenting toolkit for raising kids who listen, respect and love you - Miracle Maker Mom

Pocketful of Miracles

A Parenting Toolkit for Raising Kids Who Listen, Respect and Love You

What makes some parents able to captivate their kids’ attention, get them marching to their beat, all the while developing an amazing relationship with them? While other parents are repeating themselves over and over while their requests turn into lectures and their kids aren’t even batting an eyelash in their direction?  What’s the difference?  You and I both know that it’s the ultimate skill that we must MASTER – to Raise Kids who Listen, Respect and Love us.  How to?

What People are

I know I already told you how much I admire you and love the video that you post, but I feel the need to tell you again, I just love you and you messages! 😘😘 So thank you, thank you, thank you! 😘❤ I will become soon a mother and you are helping me a lot, I’m not afraid, I can hardly wait for my baby, but you have some amazing tips and I’m sure I will use them. 😍😘⚘ God bless you!😇

Oana Cristina

I have truly fallen in love with Miracle Maker Mom! Mommies, you have to check this page out seriously.

Ronnie Savvy’ish

I really love your website.  I feel like you are the parenting guidebook that everyone wants their child to be born with and no one ever gets.  That’s totally what your site is, it’s totally awesome!

Amanda Bentow

Oh how I wish Miracle Maker Mom was around when my children were younger.  But!  It’s never too late, even though your children are grown, you are still Mommy!

R. S.

I just want to say thank you to the one who made this page, The Miracle Maker Mom, for motivating us as a young parent…

Apple Z.https://www.facebook.com/ZenaidaApplePaglinawan/activity/228177657691448

Your upbeat and positive attitude is more than refreshing!! Thank you!

Kara M.https://www.facebook.com/kara.magill1/activity/1618825948169168

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Lisa’s All-Time Greatest Miracle Maker Mom Quotes

Speak in a Way that Your Kids Love to Listen to You & Listen in a Way that Your Kids Love to Talk to You

Speak in a Way that Your Kids Love to Listen to You & Listen in a Way that Your Kids Love to Talk to You

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