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The Parenting Toolbox

How many times have you wished parenting came with a manual? Well, now it can! Jam packed with all the parenting tools you need, Miracle Maker Mom’s Parenting Course will help you to become the confident, patient, positive parent you want to be for your kids. Give your family the gift of an awesome parent!

Parent Coaching

I Get It! You’re probably tired, overwhelmed and on the verge of surrender. How do so many other parents make this parenting thing look easy? Sometimes it feels like you’re totally alone. But you don’t have to be! Let’s get you exactly where you want to be with the right parenting tools & mindset! 

The Body Code Natural Healing

Pain. Allergies. Insomnia. Fatigue. Headaches. Depression. Hyperactivity. Anxiety. Now you can get to the root of your problem and stop putting a band aid on them. We’ll ask your body directly using kinesiology – truly the most awesome healing tool. 

About me

Lisa Fournier, born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Mother of 8, Parenting Coach, Body Code Practitioner, Kinesiologist, Writer, Inspirational Speaker.

My Mission. Two things I didn’t know. How much energy it takes. How fast it flies by. These realizations created my mission, to reach moms & dads all over the world and to broadcast: Fill yourself up with whatever it takes to give you that energy to really invest in your kids. Be mindful of every moment because the clock is ticking, time flies. Use your time wisely.


without criticizing or screaming all day...

Are you feeling extra-frustrated because no matter how many times you repeat yourself your kids don’t listen? We’ve all been there, trust me. But there is a way to turn that behavior around! JOIN OUR FREE WEBINAR & get the Parenting Tools you need to get your kids dancing to your beat, smile intact.

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